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Frank Cook travelled to the Peruvian Amazon

Plants and Healers International (PHI) is a non-profit organization that sprouted from the heart soil of grief over the unexpected death on August 19, 2009, of Frank Cummings Cook IV. With love, faith and a determination to keep Frank’s memory and life work alive, PHI, run mostly by volunteers, is a formal way to tend the garden that Frank left us, while continuing to plant new seeds in his honor. We welcome your input and ask for your patience as it comes together over time.

Our hopes are for PHI to grow into a clearinghouse that archives the life work of Frank Cook and actively networks people together regionally and globally for plant walks, transition skills, green path gatherings, travel to indigenous cultures to maintain invaluable links between plants and healers, and a myriad of other related services.

The Mission

The mission of Plants and Healers International is to celebrate and further the work of Frank C. Cook IV by connecting communities and supporting activities that promote his vision of advancing human culture in harmony with the natural world.

The Vision

Plants and Healers International facilitates knowledge exchange, skill building, inspires individuals and equips communities with tools to transition to a sustainable society that is in harmony with the natural world

PHI’s interactive website, documentaries, international herbal resource centers and the published writings of Frank Cook are some ways in which the organization hopes to make a profound and positive impact on the world.

Organizational Structure

Volunteer members of the Board of Directors work with a diverse Board of Advisors to identify which activities to support in accordance with the mission of PHI. Read more.


PHI has been really busy implementing Frank’s vision over the last few years. As an example a list of our accomplishments from 2013 and 2014 can be seen at the following links.

Plants and Healers International2013ListOfAccomplishments

Plants and Healers International List of Accomplishments2014

Gratitude to Contributors

Many people all over the world have contributed ideas, time, financial support, and guidance to Plants and Healers International since it was established in 2009. Read more.

 Support PHI

Donations to Plants and Healers International are tax deductible.

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Contact Us

To reach BOD or BOA members, please email info@plantsandhealers.org. We will get back to you within 3-5 days.

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